Being a Foreigner in Korea

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He Said She Said: Gwangju

He said:

“Oh my God, he just said something in Korean; actually said something!? No way! My mind is so blown! What is this madness? Somebody pinch me, this can’t be real. Guys for real…for real tho guys, did you just hear that white guy say a Korean word. I mean what!?”

This is the way I would describe the look that appears on many a Korean’s face after they’ve heard a foreigner say something in Korean; anything in Korean really (I’m generalizing and overdoing it a little, but sometimes this isn’t far from the truth). They seem totally taken aback by the fact that I am able to make recognizable sounds, even when saying something as simple as “thank you”  (kam-sam-ni-da) or “nice to meet you” (man-a-so pan-gap-sym-ni-da). The look they give me if I say a complete sentence is absolutely priceless.  It’s as if in that moment I…

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